Social and Economic Situation

The Municipal Formation Pavlovskaya District is situated in the northern part of the Krasnodar Region, on the Priazovo-Kubanskaya Plain, and has a flat relief intersected by a network of steppe rivers of Priazovye. The area of the Pavlovskaya District is 1,788.8 square km. The climate is moderate continental.

The Pavlovskaya District is the only district of the Krasnodar Region through which two Federal Highways pass as follows: M-4 "Don", with the direction "Moscow – Novorossiysk", and R-217 "Kazkaz", with the direction "Rostov – Baku". The district is equidistant (140 km) from the major cities of the Southern Federal District: Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don and Yeysk Port City.

The Pavlovskaya District is traditionally agricultural; crop growing and animal breeding are leading sectors of economy. The annual volume of products shipped in these sectors is 5.8 billion rubles. Over a number of years, the district has been a leader in the Northern Zone of the Krasnodar Region in terms of the yield of cereals and leguminous crops, with a yield of more than 60 metric centner/ha by taking the 3rd position in the Krasnodar Region for milk production.

The industrial production is the second most important industry in the Pavlovskaya District; it is represented by manufacturing enterprises and enterprises producing and distributing electric energy, as well as gas and water supplying. The food production is a leading direction in the processing industry. Meat and by-products, sausage, bakery and confectionery products, as well as canned fruits and vegetables are produced in the territory of the district. Enterprises of the district ship products to more than 5 billion rubles annually.

At present day, the following enterprises have a decent economic status in the district:

Agricultural enterprises: Novoplastunovskoye PJSC, Kolos CJSC, Yubileynoye CJSC, Putilovets-Yug CJSC, Rassvet CJSC;

Industry and processing: Pavlovskaya Meat Processing Plant OJSC, Pavlovskaya Sugar Plant LLC, Feed Milling Plant CJSC, Agrokhimiya CJSC, Tehada LLC, Mosstroy-31Yug LLC, Kurgan Wheeled Tractor Plant LLC, Novoleushkovskaya Building Materials Plant LLC, Metal SiS LLC;

The social sphere receives a decent development in the district. The Pavlovskaya Central District Hospital, Municipal Budgetary Health Care Institution operates in the district; it includes: a central district hospital, 2 district hospitals, 6 medical outpatient departments, and 14 medical and obstetrical stations. There are 52 educational institutions, 54 cultural institutions and 106 sports facilities in the territory of the district.

The active investment activity of the Administration of the district allows providing an annual volume of investments of more than 1 billion rubles, the main part of which is directed to industrial-purpose facilities.

The Administration of the MF Pavlovskaya District is ready to cooperate with large and small business, practically in all directions. The favorable investment climate of the district will make it possible to implement the most promising projects.